Why you shold move such a way ?


Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 1.

Shogi Opening traps : Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 1.

1.P-7f R-3b
(diagram 1)

Gote's 1st move 1...R-3b seems to dangerous move , because Sente feels 2c square is easy to break . If Sente directly aims to break 2nd file with P-2f , how the game advances ?

after diagram 1
2.P-2f K-6b
3.P-2e P-3d
(diagram 2)

Against Sente's advancing 2nd file Pawn , Gote opens Bishop line with 3...P-3d after 2...K-6b .

In the diagram 2 , Gote's 2nd file still seems to easy to break . If Sente pushes P-2d , how Gote plays ?

after diagram 2
4.P-2d Px2d
5.Rx2d Bx8h+
6.Sx8h B*3c
7.R-2h P*2f
(diagram 3)

Against Sente's 2nd file Pawns exchange , Gote exchanges the Bishops and immedialy drops his Bishop on 3c . This Bishop drop is forkinf 2d Rook and 8h Silver . To defend both Rook and Silver , Sente must backs his Rook to 2h . Gote drops a Pawn with 7...P*2f . Sente can't capture this Pawn , because 8h Silver is protected by the Rook's power .

This is because Sente can't break Gote's 2nd file .

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