Why you shold move such a way ?


Haya ISHIDA part 1.

Shogi opening trap : Haya ISHIDA , part 1.

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-7e K-4b
(diagram 1)

Gote moves up his King with K-4b just after Sente shows the attitude he wants Haya ISHIDA . The K-4b has a mean to disturb Sente's Haya ISHIDA . If Sente still seletcts Haya ISHIDA , how Gote plays ?

(diagram 2)

after diagram 1
3.R-7h Bx8h+
4.Sx8h B*4e
(diagram 2)

Gote exchanges the Bishops and immediately drops the Bishop with 4...B*4e . In many cases , Sente protect 6g Pawn . One example of lines after diagram 2 is shown below .

(diagram 3)

5.G-6h Bx2g+
6.B*5e N-3c
7.P-7d Px7d
8.Rx7d P*7c
9.Rx3d G-3b
(diagram 3)

The position of diagram 3 is still difficult , but most Sente players prefers quiet lines . So in many cases , Sente players push 3.P-6f instead of 3.R-7h .

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