Why you shold move such a way ?


Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 2.

Shogi Opening traps : Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 2.

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f R-3b
2.P-2f K-6b
3.P-2e P-3d
(diagram 1)

In this time , Sente tries to make a promoted Bishop with B*6e after Bishop exchange , because Sente can't break Gote's 2nd file .
(see former contents ; Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 1. )

(diagram 2)

after diagram 1
4.Bx2b+ Sx2b
(diagram 2)

In the diagram 2 Gote can't protect both 8c and 4c Pawns , and Sente can promote the Bishop . So Sente seemes to get advantage . How Gote should play ?

(diagram 3)

after diagram 2
(diagram 3)

Gote drops a Bishop , he protects 8c file and he also aims to make promote his Bishop in 4th file with Bx4g+ .

Sente can select one of 2 lines ;
(1) Sente exchanges the Bishops again with Bx7d .
(2)Sente makes promoted Bishop with Bx4c+ .

Both lines have difficult variations .

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