Why you shold move such a way ?


classcial Kakukawari opening : part 2.

Shogi Opening traps : classcial Kakukawari opening : part 2.

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.P-2f P-8e
3.P-2e G-3b
4.B-7g P-3d
5.S-8h Bx7g+
6.Sx7g S-2b
(diagram 1)

The moves shown above is the beginning of classical Kakukawari opening . In diagram 1 , you may think Sente can exchange the 2nd file Pawns with 7.P-2d . But this is a bad move . Why ?

(diagram 2)

7.P-2d Px2d
8.Rx2d B*3e
(diagram 2)

Sente exchanges the 2nd file Pawns by the Rook . Replying it , Gote drops a Bishop with 8...B*3e forking the 2d-Rook and the 5g-Pawn .

After the diagram 2 , Sente will play his Rook to escape from the 3e-Bishop's attack , and 2 major lines exist ; (1)9.R-2h and (2) 9.Rx3d .

Even if Sente selects any move , Gote will get an advantage by following moves .

9.R-2h Bx5g+

9.Rx3d Bx5g+
** Attention ! 3b-Gold is protected by 8b-Rook . **

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