Why you shold move such a way ?


Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 3.

Shogi Opening traps : Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou , part 3.

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f R-3b
(diagram 1)

In this line , Sente pushed 9th file Pawn such an early stage of the game . Against this move , 2...P-9d seems very natural move . But this move lead an rough game .

(diagram 2)

after diagram 1
3.P-2f K-6b
4.P-2e P-3d
5.Bx2b+ Sx2b
6.B*6e B*7d
(diagram 2)

Against 2...P-9d , Sente advanced the game with same moves as without 2.P-9f P-9d .
Gote also drops his Bishop . How do the 9th Pawns give influence in a game ?

Here shows a line of Bishop promotion . Sente can select Bishop exchange line .

(diagram 3)

after diagram 2
7.Bx4c+ Bx4g+
8.P-9e Px9e
9.P*9b Lx9b
10.+Bx3b Gx3b
(diagram 3)

9th file Pawns causes Sente's attack in 9th file .

This is very rough game ! So if you don't like such a game , you should play 2...K-6b instead of 2...P-9d .

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